Adventures in VLOGGING…!

I’ll be sharing insights into the operation & development plans here at An Caora Dubh on a Youtube channel. The first episode is up now and provides a brief overview of how the sheep flock is managed here.



Hit subscribe to keep up to date with happenings here in the Glen & let me know what kind of content you’d like to see in future episodes.



2 thoughts on “Adventures in VLOGGING…!

  1. Hi there! What a wonderful experience you share with us! My name is Miguel; I live in Brussels; I am an Ethnologist and an artist, and I desperately want to get involved in transition, by taking the path of permaculture and agroforestry. I am looking for a place where all this is possible – if not already in course – because I pretty much would like to at least learn from it – if not participate!, and advocate for it elsewhere. Am I at the right place, at least for some “talk”? Kind regards. Miguel/Migou


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